Cyberpunk 2077: Beautifully Bugged

Screenshot of Night City

A video game which made headlines mostly for its bugs, yet in the video game industry this is nothing new. People seem fairly quick to forget about shit show of video games like Fable during it first launch. Prime reason I typically wait for the dust to settle and prices to drop before I purchase any game. Well that enough ranting about bugs, make my skin crawl.

Speaking of skin crawling dam cockroaches. You know it these small details that make me fall in love with this game. Despite multiple wars and nuclear bombings, cockroaches survived. Cockroaches. I need a bug exterminator side quest.

Well enough rambling lets bite into Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk starts off it character development of V the main character by putting you directly into a mid-life crisis. For my play through I went with Street Kid.

Street Kid is kinda the jack of all trades. As street kid start of taking a shit job to help out a pal. After this job the game takes quite a different path by having you work with a partner on a few jobs as you try to climb out of the street gutters.

While rising from the gutters you can build your character personality by completing a variety of side quest for gang leaders or fixers (middle-man between you and clients). You can boost your reputation by surpassing expectations by fixers or sometimes going against them. I should quickly mention during story development V get a roommate within his body. How you interact with this new roommate adds a whole new layer to character development. These moments can take you on a roll coaster of emotions.

Well I want to keep this short since I could go on about how well the game lets you drive character and story development, but I wanna talk about the endings. Just a warning going to be spoilers. The major goal in this game is evicting the unwelcome roommate aka Johnny, but what you don't know is regardless you're going to die. The only person who can survive in your body is Johnny. Bittersweet pill to swallow, yet was fitting.

Speaking of pills, red or gun? Think hard, cause at the end of the game your left with choosing between sacrificing a friend of V's or Johnny in order to evict one or the other from V's body. Let's not forget the later option of taking a gun ending it all (also suicide run, but that a hard to get secret ending).

No happy ending for V, either fight for remaining days in your body or to let Johnny takeover, but at what expense. You can tell by final scenes this decision weighs heavy on V. Either leaving night city with your nomad friends or leaving night city alone on your last mission.

Regardless of choice game ends showing you video voicemails where any remaining friends give you their final thoughts on your choices and say their goodbyes (sometimes indirectly, by hoping you'll survive despite the odds). These voicemails hit me in the gut. Who cutting onion? If it's you go and buy this game it worth it in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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