Final Fantasy: Nothing Final About It

Screenshot of Final Fantasy XV

Well that’s not necessarily true if you consider death final. Cause you know that is a recurring theme. Regardless if the rumours are true where heading for the 16th instalment. So far I've played Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII (7), FFVIII (8), FFIX (9), FFX (10), FFX-2 (10-2), FFXII (12), and FFXV (15). I tried some other instalments through the series but were not my jam. No I never got a chance to fully play FFVII (7) the original. Finding a working copy of FFVII (7) on a budget proved a challenge.

Speaking of challenges let's start this off talking about battle systems. This is probably one thing I have a love hate relationship with. At the core of all Final Fantasy's I have played you have weapon and magic attacks. There is an exception with summons only games without them are Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII (7) and FFX-2 (10-2). This is where the love hate relationship starts as the game does not implement weapons, magic, and summons the same each time. It can be argued black and blue that this helps bring fresh air to each instalment, but for me a casual gamer it can be nerve wrecking relearning the battle system.

Talking about nerve wrecking lets talk about the general story line of the Final Fantasy series. For the most part with each game you're trying to prevent the worlds doom. How is the world doomed varies from singular characters, cults, preventing war, consequences of a war, or consequences of magic/technical advancements. The game builds upon these goals by developing the story around the main character and their perspective of the world.

For the most part to prevent tunnel vision the game well provide alternate perspectives of the world through either team members or NPC characters. Well where reaching the final parts so this overview. Generally speaking I've enjoyed the Final Fantasy series despite similarities with each instalment the game is refreshed by its battle system (despite my gripes about it), characters, and approach to world doom.

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