Mass Effect Andromeda: The Game That Plagiarized Itself

Screenshot of Heleus Cluster

As a fan of the original mass effect series, including its Neapolitan ice cream ending, admitting I’m biased is a bit obvious. Regardless, I’ll keep this review as constructive as possible. First impression of Andromeda were embedded early on with the E3 announcement trailer.

What the trailer appeared to promise and what we got were very different. The trailer appeared to have hints of the old series, but a whole new galaxy to explore. What I was not excepting was a rehash of the original story with a new skin.

You can say that’s a harsh assignment of the game, but hear me out for a little longer. I’ll start with the earliest correlation between Andromeda and the first Mass Effect. You begin both games entering into a mission that starts in confusion and panic, but ultimately ends in the death of one or more members of the team. This death leads to your player to become the new pack leader.

The correlation is so obvious it's as if they never even tried to change the story up, but they don’t end there. Easiest way to get this out on to the table is to just make a list. So here are all the Andromeda story correlations:

  • Starts with the death of a team member leading to your promotion (ME1).
  • The council/leaders are in conflict (entire original series).
  • The council/leaders are in conflict with the krogan (entire original series).
  • There is an active fight/civil war between the lawful and lawless (ME2/ME3: Omega).
  • You slowly recruit a team which is multiracial, but started with a human crew (entire original series).
  • Setup of colonies outside of the citadel/nexus have failed without your intervention (ME1/ME2).
  • There is a race trying to convert other races into their race. Reapers and kett are the same thing except one is an AI (entire original series).
  • There was a race which was created/man made. The geth and angara are the same, except one is flesh and the other was made of metal (entire original series).
  • The main character and leader of the enemy converse and conflict with each other (entire original series).
  • The leader of the enemy eventually outplays you. In the third mass effect they use the illusive man and in Andromeda they use your sister.
  • The final battle of the first mass effect and Andromeda have you air dropping the mako, and it eventually crashing.

I could go on, but I think you get the point by now. Its insane how much of the original series was rehashed. Sadly, sometimes the rehashing was also done incorrectly. For example: in Andromeda it refers to the SR2 as a secretly developed war ship by the Alliance and Turians, but that was the SR1. The SR2 was created by cerberus in the second mass effect. This leads me to believe some people involved in the project were not involved in the original series and where kind of tossed into development last minute.

So what is my overall opinion of Andromeda. Well, I could also go into the lack of good character development and all of the millions of bugs this games has, but I’m keeping this review to story. Based on story alone and the fact it just a rehash of the original series, it’s an okay game. Worth a play, but don’t go in with high expectations.

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